Have you ever ...

• Changed one part of your site and accidentally broken some other part but didn't notice until it was too late?

• Gotten an "unclear requirement" from a client, where you couldn't really tell if you've satisfied it or not?

• Asked non-developers to help with testing, but they missed things or didn't have the time?

If so, Behat might be able to help! 

Behat is a tool for doing automated, functional testing of your site. Unlike other functional testing tools, the feature specifications are written in human-readable text (rather than code)!

This means your client can sign off on them as part of the project's requirements and non-developers (even the client!) can help create them.

In this presentation at Drupal414, we look at some example Behat feature specifications and use them to test a Drupal site.

Watch the presentation

Click here to get the slides.

Using Behat for MVPcreator!

I'm really excited about Behat and the possibilities of Behavior-driven development (BDD) for both client and Open Source work. In fact, I've decided to try and use BDD for developing the MVPCreator Drupal distribution.

If you want to get involved, check out the issue queue!