Audit of your custom Drupal distribution

Do you already have a custom Drupal distribution? We'll meet with your team, dig into your code and audit your distribution for best practices!

By the end of the first week, you'll receive a report with suggestions changes, and we'll meet again to determine which are the highest priority. In the second week, we'll help you implement the top 3 most important ones!

Cost: $8,000

Duration: 2 weeks

Convert your "golden site" into a custom Drupal distribution

Do you have "golden site" that already has all the features you want in your Drupal distribution? We can convert it into a custom Drupal distribution (based on Panopoly) that follows best practices!

Cost: $12,000

Duration: 4 weeks

Hands-on training in distribution testing with Behat

Maintaining a Drupal distribution long-term can be challenging because of all the different interconnected parts. Sometimes making a seemingly harmless change (like updating a contrib module to the latest version) can unexpectedly cause other parts of the distribution to break!

In our experience maintaining Panopoly, we've found that having a Behat test suite for the most important use cases of your distribution (and running those tests on every change) can dramatically improve stability, reduce costs and increase development velocity.

But getting started can be challenging! Using Behat (or similar tools) to test sites is something that relatively few people have experience with and using it for testing Drupal distributions is even less well understood.

However, it's something that we have extensive experience with!

We can lead your team on a week long, hands-on training to get you up to speed!

Cost (virtual): $4,000

Cost (in-person): $6,000 (plus travel expenses)

Duration: 1 week

Personalized consulting and development to meet your needs!

Need consulting or development on your custom Drupal distribution that doesn't fit within any of the packages described above? No problem!

We can provide personalized consulting or development to help your team succeed!

Cost: Billed hourly at negotiated rate

Duration: Personalized to your projects needs